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    So on how many other paid as well as free matrimonial websites do you have a profile? Is there any specific feature that you like on the other websites?

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    • CommentAuthorAfzal
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2010
    hello sir,
    make search function is more user friendly. for example,i am searching for bride who is under 20 to 25 age with religion:Muslim & she must be Gujarati & caste i will specified.and there are also option for country to select.and also i want to search user with,it will help user to find their choice more time consumption & confusion.

    thanking you,
    afzal patel(
    Dear Afzal,

    Thank you for providing this feedback. But we have an advanced search form that already supports entering all the criteria that you mentioned.

    You can access our advanced search form by clicking on the following link:

    or by clicking on "more search options" link next to the search-form on the home page.

    All the best in finding your life-partner on your one and only FREE matrimonial website -