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Media is the first matrimonial website to extend its services to Community Organisations and Marriage Bureaus which helps them in leveraging technology for secure and informed matchmaking as well as promoting their organization. We also offer these organizations a completely free website which can be used for marketing their business. Apart from this, remains to be a 100% FREE matrimonial website to the end-user. is owned and operated by Scrappy Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Based in Pune. For more information, kindly refer the following resources:

Marriage Bureau offers lead generation, marketing and technology services that boost Marriage Bureaus’ business. With the help of, Marriage Bureaus can facilitate secure and informed matchmaking for their existing clients and also signup users as new clients. Along with these services, we also offer marriage bureaus their own website which is powered by To know more, refer the following resources:

Community Based Organizations provides completely FREE matrimonial services to Community Organisations that helps them with matching their members from prospects within their community. Besides matchmaking, also helps these organizations with their marketing efforts by providing them a free website and promoting their services.

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