FAQs for Marriage Bureaus

What is AnekLog.com?

AnekLog.com is a 100% FREE Matrimonial Website that lets users create and search for a suitable matrimonial match using over 60 search parameters. By the way, we are honestly 100% FREE, unlike other websites who claim to be FREE and later charge users. In fact, we don’t even have any method to accept payment on our website.

How is it different from other Matrimonial Websites?

AnekLog.com is different from other matrimonial sites in 3-major ways which are:
  • 100% FREE: AnekLog.com offers completely FREE 'premium matrimonial services' to end-users unlike other websites who charge a recurring fee for features like sending/responding to messages and searching other profiles.
  • Inclusion of CBO: AnekLog.com lets Community Organisations (Samaajs) upload biodatas of their community’s members’ for finding a match among our registered users.
  • Inclusion of MB: AnekLog.com allows Marriage Bureaus to upload biodatas of the clients to AnekLog.com so that they can find new clients who match their existing clients.

Why does AnekLog.com include biodatas from Marriage Bureaus?

By including biodatas from marriage bureaus on AnekLog.com, everyone benefits. AnekLog.com users benefit because they get access to biodatas that are generally offline and hard to reach. Marriage bureau’s clients benefit because now their match is not limited to the size of the marriage bureaus database. And the marriage bureau benefits by finding a match for their existing client and perhaps even a new paying customer. As this is clearly a win-win situation for everyone - we include biodatas from marriage bureaus.

Why should Marriage Bureaus partner with AnekLog.com?

Marriage Bureaus should partner with AnekLog.com to:
  • Grow their own business by generating interest from AnekLog.com users who express interest in their client’s profile
  • Find a match for their existing clients from the large and growing user database of AnekLog.com

But wouldn’t AnekLog.com poach our clients?

AnekLog.com does not even ask for the contact information of your clients. Whenever any of our user is interested in your client, we ask the user to contact you. AnekLog.com is NOT a competitor to Marriage Bureaus. We are here to just facilitate a conversation between the marriage bureau and a potential match.

But our members want a match from our community only!

No problem! AnekLog.com has the facility through which users can search for profiles from their community only.

But we do not have a soft-copy of our profiles?

No problem! We will gladly digitize your matrimonial profiles (Biodatas) for a nominal fee.

What else does AnekLog.com has to offer?

As a gesture of appreciation, AnekLog.com will also create a free website for your Marriage Bureau.

Who are the people behind AnekLog.com?

AnekLog.com is owned and operated by Scrappy Ventures Pvt. Ltd. - an Internet Product company founded by Mr. Ashish Agrawal. Ashish is a post graduate in management from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, USA and has worked in managerial roles at Google in various countries.

Why can’t we create our own website instead of partnering with AnekLog.com?

People have misconceptions about the ease and cost with which websites can be developed and then subsequently managed. In reality, creating a website is not a one-time effort and requires periodic maintenance. Also, just like opening a shop doesn’t ensure customers, similarly creating a website alone is not going to bring customers. Marketing a website is an ongoing function that includes specialised activities like search engine optimisation, social media marketing, online advertising, etc. which require time, effort, skilled manpower and of course money. Instead it serves you better to partner with AnekLog.com and take the advantage of a live and thriving website to boost your business.

How can we get started?

To get started or know more about this you can: