Married to a Suitcase – Dealing with your Partner’s Frequent Travel

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Nowadays, there are a number of jobs where one is required to travel excessively, for instance, journalism, defense jobs, travel and tourism jobs, the job of a pilot or even a geologist. Some people enjoy this excessive travelling and take up these jobs only because they involve so much travel. However, when a married professional has to manage this excessive travelling it can get a little complicated.

If you have a job that requires frequent travel, it is essential that you discuss and accept the challenges it brings with your partner.

Married to a Suitcase

Married to a Suitcase

  • Acknowledge the Commitment: Dealing with your partner’s travels might not be easy and is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea as some people like having their spouse around them 24×7. However, for those who want to make such marriages work, the first thing is to accept the fact that your spouse will always be married to a suitcase. If there is a compromise to be made, it should be discussed and it should be a consensual one. These nitty-gritty’s should be ironed out before marriage and an accord of sorts should be reached. Though, there are chances that your partner’s job might permit you to travel across the globe with them, but that’s unlikely.
  • Pursue a Hobby: For the stay at home spouse it might be a good idea to get a hobby. Hobbies can vary from art and craft to a competitive sport. It is essential to find something that you enjoy and which helps you spend those free hours. A hobby can be harnessed into something much bigger such as a group of like-minded people starting a book club or a fantasy league. Good company is a must when one is living alone, thus, such initiatives are twice as beneficial. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 and others can help you find other people from nearby localities to be part of such activities.
  • The Pet Comfort: Many researches indicate that pets reduce anxiety and stress. It is not just a psychological benefit, but a pet can reduce levels of stress-related hormone, Cortisol. Furthermore, Serotonin, another mood enhancing hormone is released when one interacts with their pet. A ferocious dog even goes as far as to make the owner feel protected and safe. When living alone, it is helpful to have a pet around. The pet can be any animal you take a fancy to, right from a bird to a cat. Dogs and cats are proved to be good for the heart, but always take a pet of your liking.
  • Skype Dates: Make the physical distance of your relationship the exciting factor. Skype dates are a cheap way of keeping in touch with the long distance spouse and catching up with each other. Make sure to spruce it up by setting the mood and reminding your spouse and yourself of the commitment that you made. When efforts are made it shows, and an effort can go a long way in strengthening a relationship. Get creative with Skype and have dinners together, watch a movie together, let your imagination run wild. However, remember to check for the time difference in case your spouse is abroad, for there’s nothing romantic about being woken up at 3 am.

No matter what you do, or what you don’t, remember to have a positive outlook and keep yourself busy. Tell yourself that separation causes suffering to your spouse as well, but he/she does it for a bright future.

Hope this helps the partner’s of all those professionals who are married to a suitcase 🙂

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