Lessons from Student of the Year

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Student of the Year, or SOTY, as it is popularly known is a typical Karan Johar film to hit the cinemas early this year. The song, Ishq Wala Love sums up the tone and the theme of the movie which basically is a teenage love triangle involving the clash of egos. Hidden behind an average story-line are valuable lessons from Student of the Year.

Lessons from Student of the Year

Student of the Year

So in case you’re in love, or soon to be, make sure you keep these in mind for a smooth relationship:

  • Don’t Ignore Your Girlfriend: Through the first half of the movie, Varun blatantly ignores Alia only to find her waiting for him. In reality, most girlfriends would not be understanding and won’t wait around this long. This works both ways and goes without saying that girlfriends shouldn’t ignore their boyfriends either. Devoting less time is one thing but ignoring is completely unacceptable. shouldn’t causes doubts and strains relationships. When ignored for a while, you partner gets the feeling that you don’t care enough and is very likely to look for other avenues.
  • Communication is the Key: When Alia gets cold feet about Varun and after a certain point, even she starts ignoring him. This causes a lot of anxiety and heartache to both of them. This could have been avoided had the couple communicated with each other about their apprehensions and feeling. If you feel something’s not working, proceed don’t suppress or ignore it. Instead, discuss them and let your partner know what you are feeling. Honest communication can help you make a decision.
  • Relationships mean Compromise: Alia and Varun don’t bother making compromises for each other and that is when their relationship begins to disintegrate. When you’ve committed to a relationship it is essential to go the extra mile to ensure that it works. Just like Siddharth and Varun find common ground at the end of the movie.
  • Backups can become Frontliners: Varun keeps Sana Saeed (tiny Angali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) around as a backup and ends up hurting his present girlfriend Alia. SOTY tells you exactly why it is not advisable to have a ‘backup’. When you work on having a backup, it means you are preparing yourself mentally for your current relationship to fail as you do not have faith in it. However, relationships are about trust and it is imperative to believe that the one you are in is going to work. Furthermore, just as you would not like to be kept on the back burner in somebody else’s life, it is wrong to leave another human being hanging. Thus, cut the ‘backup’ loose, and dive head first into your current relationship.
  • Jealousy creates Problems: Alia uses Siddharth to make Varun jealous and an unexpected love begins to flourish between them. Jealousy in relationships creates problems rather than solving them. The key to a good relationship is strong communication even when it seems difficult and the outcome seems uncertain. Jealousy once formed does not dissipate; it lurks under the surface and weakens a relationship. Thus, if you’re planning to use the ‘J’ card, stow it for awhile. There are better ways to communicate your problems such as counseling, intimate dinners or even daring games.

So all those of you who are currently in a relationship or hope to be in one very soon, keep in mind these valuable lessons from Student of the Year that will keep your love-life steady.

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