5 Tips to Select a Good Wedding Venue

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Picking out the perfect location for your dream wedding is one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process. Everything from the selection of décor, the theme for the big day and the tone or ‘style’ of the event can be affected by the kind of wedding venue you pick. Book the right space and everything else will fall into place that much easier. It’s also important to decide this aspect as early as possible because, event spaces are in high demand during wedding season. Ideally, start shortlisting […]

Bridal Nail Art – Do It Yourself

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Bridal Nail Art

It is natural that everybody wants to look at their best on their wedding day. From doing one’s hair, to finding the perfect footwear to match every wedding outfit – everything has to be taken care of. The way you deck-up your nails is one of the most important aspects of a head-to-toe make up and nowadays, thanks to the options available in bridal nail art, you can add extra glam to your fingernails. But unfortunately, most Indian brides in this day and age, still go for the bland maroon or […]

Lessons from Student of the Year

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Lessons from Student of the Year

Student of the Year, or SOTY, as it is popularly known is a typical Karan Johar film to hit the cinemas early this year. The song, ‘Ishq Wala Love’ sums up the tone and the theme of the movie which basically is a teenage love triangle involving the clash of egos. Hidden behind an average story-line are valuable lessons from Student of the Year. So in case you’re in love, or soon to be, make sure you keep these in mind for a smooth relationship: Don’t Ignore Your Girlfriend: Through the first half of […]

Defend yourself with Homemade Pepper Spray

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Defend yourself with Homemade Pepper Spray

With the increasing crime rate in India, safety is becoming a major concern. The rising risk comes with the need to be duly prepared. The threat is more so for women because in a patriarchal society with a dipping sex ratio, the cases of violence against women are more voluminous. Hence, self defense techniques today are not just an extra security measure but a necessity. While the traditional karate kick to the groin has been advocated in movies and close friends would encourage jabbing the eyes of the attacker, when […]

Inter Caste and Inter Religion Marriages – Protect your Individuality

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Inter Caste and Inter Religion Marriages - Protect your Individuality

Despite India’s progressive growth and the fact that we are the world’s second fastest growing nation, there still remains a chasm between cultural values of the ‘New India’ and ‘Old India’. ‘Old India’, being the oldest civilization has a lot of wisdom and traditions that have been passed down from generations to generations. However, certain customs like Child Marriage, Sati, Dowry, etc. have been deemed illegal and punishable by the state. On the other hand, similar delicate issues associated with marriage like inter-caste and inter-religion marriages have still failed to […]

Married to a Suitcase – Dealing with your Partner’s Frequent Travel

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Married to a Suitcase

Nowadays, there are a number of jobs where one is required to travel excessively, for instance, journalism, defense jobs, travel and tourism jobs, the job of a pilot or even a geologist. Some people enjoy this excessive travelling and take up these jobs only because they involve so much travel. However, when a married professional has to manage this excessive travelling it can get a little complicated. If you have a job that requires frequent travel, it is essential that you discuss and accept the challenges it brings with your […]

Online Shopping – Just a Click Away

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Online Shopping - Just a Click Away

Credit cards have revolutionized the way society not only shops but also thinks. Everything that we ever wish to own is now only just a swipe away. From purchasing a laptop to finding a suitable laptop sleeve, the customized generation’s needs are met on the World Wide Web. While there are many sites on the net with undeniable reputation and security in their brand name such as eBay and Flipkart, the net is filled with Ponzi schemes and fake web pages where you are more likely to get scammed. However, […]

Smart Antique Shopping

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Smart Antique Shopping

When it comes to decorating homes, one can never go wrong with antiques. However, the reason many people give antiques a skip is because antiques are generally not affordable.  Antique collection in India is usually considered a lavish hobby undertaken by those who have deep pockets. Nevertheless, this is a myth and especially in India where most houses have traditionally aged items passed down from generations stacked in lofts and store rooms. Thus, the best place to go antiquing is in an estranged aunt’s house or your grandparent’s houses or […]

Women Entrepreneurs – Rise of Indian Women in Business

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Women Entrepreneurs

The ‘She Can, You Can’ Tupperware advertisements on prime-time television showcasing their corporate social responsibility initiative for instilling confidence in Indian women to take up socially relevant businesses of their own, have managed to share some tales of success of the Women Entrepreneur. The Indian Woman Entrepreneur today is empowered and in stride with men in running successful businesses. For any woman in business, two things are of undeniable importance – idea and monetary resources. Firstly, they just need a little cranking of the brain and an out-of-box approach. From homemade dabba […]

10 Must Haves in your Car

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10 Must Haves in your Car

With the spread of cities, we are forced to spend more and more time in our Cars making them not just a mode of transport, but a temporary abode as well. The fact that every car manufactured comes loaded with a whole bunch of accessories underlines the importance of cars in our lives. AnekLog.com lists down 10 Must Haves in your Car that will help you stay safe and secure no matter what. Here goes: Water and Food: The most important things for survival are Food, Air and Water. Thankfully, […]